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Friday, March 30, 2012

Lojra me makina

lojra me makina me lufte
Lojra me makina me lufte
Perdor mousin per te levizur dhe me kliko (mbaje shtypur) per te qelluar. Qello makinat e gjelbra per te shtuar fuqine e armes.
hapi 1 - Kliko mbi NEW GAME
hapi 2 - PLAY
hapi 3 - PLAY
Use you mouse to move, and right click to fire. Fire upon the green vehicles to strengthen the fire arm.

lojra me makina me gara
Lojra me makina me gara
Kliko ne "QUICK RACE" dhe me pas START. ose si alternative mund te zgjidhni TOURNAMENT. Per te levizur perdorni butonat me shigjeta te tastiera. Butoni C sherben per NITRO (i shton shpejtesine), kurse butoni P sherben per te ndalur lojen.
 Instructions: Step 1 - Wait for the game to load, about 10 seconds. Step 2 - Click on "options" to select the keyboard' keys you want to use. Step 3 - Choose Quick Race or Tournament, then select the races, then click on "Start Race".

lojra me makina me parkim
Lojra me parking
Intruksionet e lojes:
 Hapi 1 - Kliko mbi PLAY te asfalti Hapi 2 - Zgjidh nivelin 1 (nivelet e tjera zhbllokohen pasi keni kaluar nivelin 1) Hapi 3 - Duke levizur me butonat shigjeta te tastieres mund te levizni makinen tuaj.
Step 1 - Click on PLAY (found at the road) Step 2 - Select level 1 (the other levels can be unblocked after you finish level 1) Step 3 - use the arrow keys to move the car until you find the spot to park it (white dashes).

lojra me makina te shpejta
Lojra me makina te shpejta
Instruksionet: Hapi 1 - Prit sa te ngarkohet loja, 5 sekonda. Hapi 2 - Kliko te simboli i makines qe ndodhet poshte djathtas. Hapi 3 - Fillon loja. Per te levizur perdor shigjetat te tastiera.
Instuctions:  Step 1 - Clik on the symbol of the car, found at the right corner down, to start the game. Step 2 - Use the arrow keys to move. Game objective: You should collect the H symbols found on the road. You should avoid the objects (such as wood) thrown by the car in front of you.

gara me makina
Gara me makina
Hapi 1 - Shtyp PLAY
Hapi 2 - Shkruani emrin tuaj aty ku thote "Enter your name".
Hapi 3 - Shtyp PLAY Tani mund te levizni duke perdorur butonat me shigjeta te tastiera juaj.
 Instructions:   Step 1 - Clik on PLAY
Step 2 - Just write your name
Step 3 - Hit PLAY again Use the arrow keys to move left, right, forwards or back

lojra me makina futuristike
Lojra me makina futuristike
Hapi 1 - Shtyp butonin me trekendeshin ne anen e djathte poshte.
Hapi 2 - Shtype perseri
Hapi 3 - Perdor butonat me shigjeta te tastiera per te levizur. Instructions:
Step 1 - Click on the triangle on the bottom right side.
Step 2 - Click it again.
Step 3 - Use the arrow keys to move.

lojra me parking
Lojra me parking

Intruksionet e lojes.
Hapi 1 - Shtyp START GAME
Hapi 2 - Kliko mbi "PRESS SPACE TO CONTINUE".
Levizjet i ke me poshte.

Game Instructions:
The game is easy, use arrow keys to move the car or turn the wheels. Park the car in the least amount of time.

lojra me formula 1
Lojra me formula 1 
hapi 1 - Kliko mbi NEW GAME
hapi 2 - Zgjidh "Championship" per gara ose nje nga 2 opcionet e tjera. hapi 3 - Perdorur butonat me shigjeta te kuqe per te zgjedhur makinen
hapi 4 - Shtyp PLAY Per te levizur perdor butonat me shigjeta te tastiera dhe "SPACE bar" per te shtuar shpejtesine.
step 1 - Click on "New Game"
step 2 - Select one option, for example "championship".
step 3 - Select your favourite car

lojra me makina shume te shpejta
Lojra me makina shume te shpejta 
Hapi 1 - Shtyp START.
Hapi 2 - Perdor butonat me shigjeta te tastiera per te levizur majtas ose djathtas. Objektivi i lojes eshte qe te beni me pak se 3 perplasje.
Step 1 - Click on Start
Step 2 - Use the arrow keys to move left or right. The aim is not to crash till the end.


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